Glasses for tables

For Vinalsa, glass has always been a very durable material with a very special finish. Its great resistance thanks to the tempered and its transparency allows to transmit beauty and impregnate any corner of the home with that effect. Although it is one of the most used materials in everyday life, it is still the most elegant element by nature.

The living rooms and kitchens glow with glass tables. They combine perfectly in elegant, simple homes that seek the harmony of beauty. The uses of glass tables are very varied and depending on their shape and size can work as a night table, outdoor table, side table, dining table, coffee table or kitchen table.

Decorated glass for tables

In Vinalsa we offer the possibility of add that special character to your tables by providing transparent glasses, extra-clear, tinted or decorated. Within the decorated glass we can offer you painted, with a range of RAL and Pantone colors or digitally printed with ceramic inks, imitating stone, marble, wood or any vector design or image that you want.